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Monument to a Missing Island

Tim Clifford’s Monument to a Missing Island commemorates the destruction of the East River island known as Flood Rock, which took place on October 10, 1885.

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Three Boroughs

Tracie Hervy’s Three Boroughs is installed on a hill along the southeast waterfront of Randall’s Island Park.

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Hell Gate Cairns

Samantha Holmes’ Hell Gate Cairns are a series of stacked stone pillars, or cairns, that stand watch over the southern coastline of Randall’s Island Park, a monument to the human creativity and industry with which we have shaped the world around us, from land reclamation projects to the construction of buildings and cities.

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Spartan Follies

Inspired by the concept of a fitness “boot camp” and by Randall’s Island Park’s history and role as a site for sports, Denise Treizman’s Spartan Follies aims to lure visitors into physical and recreational interaction.

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Movements for Three Boroughs

Movements for Three Boroughs
Five choreographers will present new work inspired by “Three Boroughs”.  Participating choreographers include:

- Chloe Chotrani
- Theresa Duhon
- Frederica Lewis
- Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
- Nina Mendez Marti

Saturday September 17, 2016
5:30 pm to 6:45 pm

Raising the Frames

19. Monument to a Missing Island

18. Monument to a Missing Island

“I think the destructive element too much neglected in art.”  – Piet Mondrian, 1943



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