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Monument to a Missing Island

Tim Clifford’s Monument to a Missing Island commemorates the destruction of the East River island known as Flood Rock, which took place on October 10, 1885.

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Three Boroughs

Tracie Hervy’s Three Boroughs is installed on a hill along the southeast waterfront of Randall’s Island Park.

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Hell Gate Cairns

Samantha Holmes’ Hell Gate Cairns are a series of stacked stone pillars, or cairns, that stand watch over the southern coastline of Randall’s Island Park, a monument to the human creativity and industry with which we have shaped the world around us, from land reclamation projects to the construction of buildings and cities.

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Spartan Follies

Inspired by the concept of a fitness “boot camp” and by Randall’s Island Park’s history and role as a site for sports, Denise Treizman’s Spartan Follies aims to lure visitors into physical and recreational interaction.

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The Blog

Movements for Three Boroughs

Movements for Three Boroughs
Five choreographers will present new work inspired by “Three Boroughs”.  Participating choreographers include:

- Chloe Chotrani
- Theresa Duhon
- Frederica Lewis
- Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
- Nina Mendez Marti

Saturday September 17, 2016
5:30 pm to 6:45 pm

Raising the Frames

19. Monument to a Missing Island

18. Monument to a Missing Island

“I think the destructive element too much neglected in art.”  – Piet Mondrian, 1943



High five!! We are done!!! See you on Saturday!!

The Artists

Tim CliffordTim Clifford

Tim Clifford’s recent work investigates the intersection of aesthetics and violence.

Tracie HervyTracie Hervy

Like many people, drawing was Hervy’s introduction to art.

Samantha HolmesSamantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes recontextualizes sacred forms and techniques within a modern urban landscape to explore disparities between the clarity of ideology and the fractured nature of contemporary life.

Denise TreizmanDenise Treizman

Denise Treizman creates work that repurposes found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily life.